Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School's Out

I am offically out of school and yet the school systems is effecting my life. I work as a sub at my old elementary school and school was canceled today due to all the rain Atlanta has been getting. Google Atlanta Flood 2009, it's pretty epic. Instead I spent the entire day running errands for my mom. The funny part about that is, is that it didn't rain in the city of Atlanta all day. So in fact the schools gave a nice sunny day off to their students. Although it is very likely that there are families that are being effected greatly by all the rains and couldn't get in anyway.

I have been trying to plan my next crocheting venture. So far I am making a pair of fingerless gloves, different patterns than what I used before and a blanket for my friend Alicia and ma looking for the next thing. I think I want to make another sweater but to be honest that is not too exciting. Dan has suggegested a great name for my line of projects. I don't want to write it here in case someone steals it. No on reads this blog as of yet. But they will.

In other news, Will Ferrel has made a video about healthcare. Pretty good actually, celebs getting behind Obama usually works out well.

My blog isn't very interesting yet. I mean I find it interesting but then again it's a blog all about me. I had an idea of turning this into a play or a book and have pledged to write every day. Or at least try to. Who knows there might be some good stuff in here after a while. I've always wanted to write something and I have a lot of ideas, just haven't been able to execute them all that well. Maybe I'll find something here.

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