Friday, September 25, 2009

On to plan B

SO I didn't get Teach for America. It sucks but I know if I was meant to teach then I will find a way to teach. I am happy that at least I know my application was stronger this year. I took the time to put together an appropriate resume and wrote and re-wrote the essay. I just think my GPA was too low for them to even consider me. I feel like I'm the kind of person who doesn't look good on paper. Once you get to know me, I'll have to know that I am pretty awesome but I guess I'm not all that great at presenting myself in 2-d form.

Any who, very tired today. I've had to get up at 6:40 the past 3 days which wouldn't be so bad if I actually went to bed before 12:30. I am a substitute teacher at my old elementary school. So far it's been great. They just moved in to this new building that works so well. I started at the school when there were in their 2nd year and stayed there for 9 years, K-8. It great being back there, I forgot what a great place it was. Many of my teachers are still there so it's a little weird, cause it feels sometimes as if I shouldn't be in the teachers lounge or there are people who I should be answering to, that I'm not an authority figure for these kids.

But anyway, I was subbing for the third grade and I am fairly sure that I do not want to teach the third grade. It wasn't terrible but it was a great deal of work. The thing is, is that there are 2 third grade classes and it became very apparent to me that they have 2 different teaching styles. The woman I was subbing for seems to have a more fluid teaching style while the other is more strict. I didn't mind it's just I felt a pull between what it seemed like I was supposed to do and what the other teacher wanted. Either way things got done, and I learned a lot about dealing with 3rd graders. I'm excited though I get to go back again next week. :)

I forgot how imaginative kids where. I was sitting on the swings and this girl kept talking about how she hoped the trolls weren't there when she got down. And I heard to other girls talking about they had to get to the end of the rainbow to get some magical thing. The same girl with the troll issue told us later on that sometimes she hides from her mother and pretends she is a crying "African" baby. Yep definitely one of those moments when I had not clue what to say.

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