Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shopping local, supporting handmade.

A perfectly lovely way to start my day is shopping for yarn. I think I have a problem: I had a mini panic attack when I thought my credit card had expired and I couldn't buy yarn :). But all in all I love to buy yarn, and I love to buy it from small local shops. I know they are more expensive and people might feel that they are getting less bang for their buck. But what you are paying for is higher quality yarn. Even the acrylic yarns are softer where I shop. But I think is most important is that you are shopping local, supporting small business similar to the ones you see on Esty. I think on a way I'm paying it forward. Shopping local, supporting handmade.

My soon-to-be baby sweater. I wasn't even planning on buying and making this but I saw the yarn and had to have it :)