Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

Spring break for two weeks! You know what that mean, movie and crochet-a-thon! Because my spring break is so late most of my friends are back in school so I'm home alot. I got some new patterns and my friend is going to do some modeling for me, so look forward to new tihngs!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I guess if everyone else jumped...

You know the drill, 25 facts, tag 25 people except I didn't feel like tagging that many...maybe later. Please note if things seem sad I am not looking for pity

1.) I was obsessed with jell pens in middle school. Seriously I had like 50.

2.) In high school I was part of a professional photographers collective and showed work in several professional shows.

3.) I read romance novels like it's my job. I have dozens, some of which I have read, but have no idea what they were about. In high school I was addicted. I am thankful that college has weened me of this addiction.

4.)I hate to lend out new books. Something about other people turning the pages first irks me.

5.) I don't like to talk on the phone to the point where in elementary school my mother thought I had no friends because I never called or invited them over.

6.) That being said I am a home body. I like to stay busy during the day but 9 times out of 10 at night you can find me in my room crocheting and watching shows on my computer.

7.) I love peanut butter to the point where I would have to do some serious soul searching if I ever fell in love with a man who was allergic to peanut butter. I hope I choose the man.

8.) I watch kids television even when I'm not babysitting. Part of it is research (I want to go into children's television) part of it is that it's entertaining. I love Lazy Town.

9.)Never had a boyfriend (shocking) but don't really feel the need to have one either.

10.) I like to buy books but not actually read them. My bookshelves at home is over flowing.

11.) I really wanted to be an author growing up but quite frankly I'm not a good writer.

12.) and I can't spell.

13.) I spend more time alone then I like, mainly because I'm always waiting for someone to come and find me.

14.)I really really really don't like Rachel Ray

15.) I really am a no fuss kind of girl. I love my t-shirts and jeans. I don't feel the need to impress people with clothing choices and I wish people would leave me alone about what I wear.

16.) I love the going to concerts. I love the mutual feelings of love for the musicians.

17.) I should be fluent in Spanish. I've studied Spanish from age 5-19 and my mother speaks it but I get flustered when speaking. I understand it really well.

18.) I am obsessed with the idea of having kids. I feel like that is the one thing I know for sure that is going to happen. I will raise at least one child even if I have to adopt. I have plans to become a foster parent. I have names already picked out.

19.) If you can already tell I love to read. I feel naked with out a book. When ever I leave the house I always have at least two with me.

20.) I know oddly alot about vibrators.

21.) I have a very active imagiantion which is why I can't see scary movies even now. I saw jaws when I was 8 and when it was time to go to bed I wouldn't stop crying until my dad came home and told me the movie wasn't real. And for the longest time I was convinced that sharks were in the vents at the deep end of the pool.

22.) The thought of dying scares me so I avoid thinking about it. I get really worked up thinking about it and the only people who can calm me down are my parents.

23.) I tried a bloody mary for the first time this year with my buddy Frank. Well it was a Vietnamese bloody mary and had to be the most painful drinking experience in a while. I think out friendship is stronger because of it.

24.)I am a closet Hansen fan.

25.) I still listen to the same music I listened to in 5th grade and I sometimes look back at the year as a golden time.