Friday, April 17, 2009


I hate this economy. Well I can't decided if it is the economy or the fact that I think I am unemployable. I didn't get into grad school so I am looking for jobs. I didn't get one of my teaching jobs and I'm fairly sure that I wont get the other. I'm waiting to hear back from another another internship in Cali that I really hope I get. It's just after 4 years of college at a top liberal arts school, I would have hoped to have something to show for it besides my degree. There is something about being here that drives me to try and do things that make money and I forget that I want to own my own business or that my real dream would be to have my own kids television show. I have to be reminded of that all the time and I hate that.
For the next year I am going to just concentrate on this blog and my designs and do theater at home. I have to accept that taking a gap year between college and real life is okay.

Thanks for the ear :)