Friday, June 10, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Save Money CONTEST!!!!

   It's no secret that this economy sucks and that many of us are struggling just to get by. I work at a school who only pays the staff once a month. This is not a hardship, but I have had to learn how to live on a budget real quick. And technically I am still learning...and learning... and learning...but I digress. What I realized is that I spent so so so much money on yarn every month, 90% of which I was not using and ended up in a box or bag in my room, or living room or my brothers room.
    So I got smarter about my money and have decided to only spend money on yarn that comes directly from sales or custom orders. You think I'm crazy, I know but I have two large tubs and several boxes of yarn and a few bags who are threatening to walk out on me if I don't use them. They're serious this time (they have a union).
   For the month of June I am only going to uses the yarn I have to create new items. I'm hoping I will make many things for my shop but who knows, I might come up with some fab gifts for Christmas, either way it's a win-win-win situation.
   My challenge to you this month is to do they same. Post pictures of the things you are working on that saves resources and most importantly saves you money! It doesn't have to be crochet or even yarn related. You could make grocery shopping bags out of old t-shirts, musical instruments out of recyclables, anything! When you figure out what this is follow this blog and post a picture or a link to a picture showing me all the fantastic things you are making! Every post/project in an entry. The winner will receive my wildly popular WILD THINGS HAT!

   This hat is not just for kids, and can be made in just about any color combo you like. So this is free for you. All you have to do is post some picture.

   To prove I am doing the same here are some booties I made this week and a bundle of yarn that will soon become a hat:

All right! On your mark, get set, save money!