Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Tires and the Saturday in the Park with Dan

Thursday morning was spent at the mechanics. My mother finally sprung for 2 new tires which I was very grateful for. I got up early so I wouldn't have to wait but I was still there for about 2 hours listening to people talk about their ideals when it came to raising children, one of whom was a republican. I don't have anything against republican except their political views of course but yo republicans in the south make me nervous. Anyway, I had been there for about a half an hour when one of the mechanics came to the sitting area and asked me if I had the impala. The woman sitting in the seat one over was a relative of his, and so he had her move her stuff. He starts telling me all this bad stuff about my car. How my breaks were shot, that the pads were gone and the breaks we basically metal-to-metal. He tells me that there seemed to be a catch in my breaks, that every time the other mechanic put on the breaks, the wheels face out. He told me that the wheel rod was bent and that when you see cars bent under, that was why. So I'm hearing all this and I am freaked out. I kept think "I'm going to have to call y dad and tell him this. Do we have the money for this? How am I going to get home?" I keep trying to look over at the sheet he has in his hand and I'm a little confused at this point because there are things on there that don't apply to my car. Like written in capital letters were the words DON'T ROLL DOWN DRIVER WINDOW and the sheet says that I asked for a break check. Plus I couldn't see my dad's name on it any where. Finally I ask him "Is this my impala?" and he looks over at the sheet. "This isn't your name?" I shook my head. He then pats my knee and says " Well the I have bad news to give to someone else. Now you know how important it is to take care of your car." I finally started breathing again.

Friday I subbed again for Laura. I taught 2 Spanish classes which wasn't as bad as I thought. I had the third grade again, but the crazy half of the class. It went alright until the end when they got so loud that one of the girls in the class was in physical pain. She had an oratory problem that I wasn't aware of. Whenever I go in that class I am always afraid of that teacher. Every time I go there it seems that someone asks me to sub for them which is great but I ended up saying I could sub for 2 people next week forgetting that I am going to New York on Tuesday. So excited! Should be great considering 95% of my friends can't be bothered to see me on the weekend.

Today Dan and I had a mini-photo shoot with some of the stuff I made in the park. I just opened a shop at under the name Morgaine Le Fay and I'm hoping to get it up and running soon. I'm really excited about the possibility of having a shop but I'm just nervous that I will make things that people wont want to buy. I'm going to just keep making what I like and hopefully people will like it. I do realize that I have a ton of baby stuff, but no baby to model it, so if anyone has one let me know.

Dan, Chris and I went to the Atlanta Greek Festival which was great. I haven't spent that much time with him so it was nice to do that. I just remember the festival being so much more when I was younger, but really it's food and music with some shops inside the Church with a play area for kids. It was fun I just thought there would be more. Oh well at least it got me out of the house.