Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's on for this week

Now that I'm home from camp I've decided to set goals for myself in terms of my Etsy bussiness. Some how being at camp helps me to become more focused on my own life goal and opens me up to new possiblities. Every week I will set goals for myself for what I want to do with Morgaine Le Fay and in my own personal life.
      Every week I will try to post 1 item in my Etsy shop. It doesn't sound like much but I have ADD when it comes to crochet projects and tend to take on massive projects. I really need a place to work in my house so my goal is to my desk which is currently serving as a storage shelf into a workspace. So everyday I will find a new home for 5 things in my room so I can clear a space. And lastly I will actually try and post something once a week in this blog. Even if it is just pictures or a video of something I like. Hopefully it will pertain to crochet.
        So this week I have been working on 2 projects. I sold the bath mat I made from sheets which inspired me to make another one, only bigger and with more color. So far I have finished the first layer of colors and have to make the strips for the next color. Hopefully there will be three. I'm also working on a sweater in pumpkin yarn. The yarn is a cotton/Viscose Microfiber/Silk and I got a great deal on it when I was at camp! And I also got a friend of mine to agree to take pictures and her twin sister to model so it should be great!

A song that's been stuck in my head all week:

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