Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alright Alright!

So I have been very bad about posting to my blog but I am promising here and now to be better about that. And since I am not employed I think I can make good on that promise. As a measure of good faith, here are a few photos from my life. In other news, Camille is engaged. That's huge. And very exciting. Plus I have started making ipod and computer sleeves so look forward to that.
I have been a little depressed since camp ended. I don't like waiting to see what happens next and when I have to wait I tend to think about death alot more. It's like I can't see what's in between and the only sure thing I know is death. Pretty morbid I now but I can't help it. I wish it would stop too. It makes falling asleep difficult. Here's something more uplifting.

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